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“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”

- Napoleon Hill


Welcome to the website of Diana Page; international business builder, mentor and coach for Forever Living Products, a global health, nutrition and wellbeing company. And licensed Goal Mapping Practioner.


Diana has led thousands of people around the world with her expert teaching and coaching on building a successful home based business, helping ordinary people live extra-ordinary lives. She is very well known and respected in her company and the industry for being an authentic, ethical and exemplary leader, putting people first and profits second.


Originally from Canada, Diana had a normal upbringing in a traditional working class family. Although they never went without the necessities, money was always tight. That frugal way of life stimulated Diana’s vision to ‘one day’ earn more money than she needed and be financially secure.


Today Diana and her husband and two sons, are living that extra-ordinary life most people never even dare to dream about; debt free, 3 months holiday, private education for their children, charitable donations, peace of mind. And Diana achieved it all as a direct result of helping other individuals and couples achieve their own dreams and goals – which is the essence of this business opportunity.


If working for yourself and taking control of your work-life balance appeals to you, take a look at Diana’s story and the Business Opportunity tab above for more details, or contact Diana directly. 

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