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Working with Diana we have been able to achieve more than I ever thought possible. Through her coaching and mentoring I was able to replace my full-time income working flexibly in and around my work and family commitments. I was able to give up my old career so now work the hours that suit, I’ve travelled the world, but more importantly I'm not stressed out and tired all the time, and I now have time to do the things I love with the people I love.


With Diana, everyone is an individual and her priority is helping you achieve what’s important to you. Yes, she’ll stretch you, yes she’ll challenge your thinking and that’s what makes a great coach. Diana is a true professional, she works with integrity, she has a sharp business mind and empowers you to achieve. If you want to work with someone that cares 100% and that gets results Diana Page is the woman for you!

Lucy Rodmell

Jay Ward

I’ve followed Diana’s journey throughout my business, to keep me motivated and inspired, and in 2019 when Diana asked me to be her guest speaker at a large event, I didn’t even think she knew who I was, let alone asking me to be her guest speaker… that one event helped me more than Diana would ever know, the confidence, the credibility and the passion it gave me, I will never forget. 

I’m now fortunate enough to work alongside Diana because of her kindness and ability to just want to help people. We work hard, but we enjoy it and we laugh, the best thing is, we love what we do and I honestly wouldn’t choose anyone else to work alongside. 

If you want someone with passion, great mentoring skills and an ability to help you achieve your goals, then Diana is the one!

Patience Kakitie

It’s rare to encounter someone like Diana Page, who works so tirelessly to up lift the fortunes of others, whatever their start in life. I’ve learned so much from this fantastic lady; constant self-development, a greater awareness of family, friends and community and a level of self-belief which now eclipses that which I had previously. These skills touch every aspect of my life and have propelled me forward in my sporting and work achievements.

It’s not about money; it’s about adding value, building positive connections, enjoying life and creating fantastic experiences too. Diana continues to be an amazing friend and mentor and a constant reminder that anything is possible if it means enough to you.

Odeta Kelpsiene

I am so fortunate to have Diana as a mentor and also as a friend. What makes Diana such a fantastic leader is she has always led by example and is extremely passionate about developing people. She has the unique skill of helping people to fulfil their true potential, not just by inspiring and being encouraging; but by providing support, the necessary skills, and building people's confidence to do the things they're either afraid of, or don't believe they can do. Anyone can be a leader, but it takes someone really special to build other great leaders. Diana has helped me realise my potential. Always working around my 3 growing children and all our family commitments I’ve thoroughly enjoying work life balance. She's one of the most ethical and fun people I've worked with and inspires me every day to be the best version of me.

Jeanne Davey

Diana Page, my friend and my mentor. I’ve worked in the NHS for 43 years, although retired from nursing 3 years ago.  I am able to make choices so I can go back to do short NHS contracts and keep my nursing registration valid.

I’ve known Diana for a number of years now and worked closely with her for the last few years.  She has been by my side every step of my journey and she has understood the highs and lows of my journey. She has so much integrity, honesty and compassion for people.

As well as been my mentor, she has believed in me unwaveringly, more so than any of the managers I’ve had in my 41 years in the NHS.  She has embraced not only me but my family and has supported my daughter in starting to grow her business and which allowed me to work alongside and learn. And I am now enjoying work life balance, working around precious time with my grandson.

Rachel Testimonial

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